Treasure Hunt

There is no longer a need to dig through stacks of paper or old files looking for savings bond information. The United States Treasury Department has added a link called “Treasury Hunt” to its website. The idea behind the link is to help people locate missing bonds and interest payments and find out if their bonds have matured. In order to search the database, investors need only their name, city, state, and social security number. Once the information is entered into the site, the database is searched and any matches are listed. If there is a match, the site offers instructions on how to recover the lost bond or payment.

The most common causes of lost bonds and payments are actually pretty simple to fix. Changing your mailing address or switching banks are most often the culprits of confusion. To avoid this confusion, remember to give the government new delivery instructions.

There is currently $8 billion worth of savings bonds that have matured, yet remain unclaimed. Though owners are usually aware that they have the bonds and know where they are, often they have not realized that the bonds have stopped earning interest. Treasury Hunt hopes to encourage these investors redeem their bonds and put their money back into the government.

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