Addressing family tragedies are some of the most challenging and rewarding legal work that our firm is involved with. The areas of probate often times need to be professionally interfaced with the corresponding cause of action if in fact that is a part of the probate administration. There are various details that need to be addressed from inception through resolution that include the following:

  • Carefully select and assemble the professional team that can address all the myriad of legal issues that will arise in this area of law.
  • The Personal Representative responsibilities include representing the entire extended family’s interest as well as complying with all Court notification and filing requirements.
  • The Personal Representative must have the requisite time and skill set to confer with the professional team and update the family accordingly.
  • Address funeral, burial and related expenses.
  • Review and understand estate planning documents.
  • Address division or securing the personal affects.
  • Provide statutory notices to heirs at law as well as potential
    wrongful death claimants.
  • Identify, accumulate and secure all estate assets.
  • Timely address any individual or estate liabilities and comply with all tax filing requirements.