The administration of a Trust by the Successor Trustee, after the demise of the original Grantor, can provide various challenges as their duties cross an array of legal issues. Using good and constant communication skills with the beneficiaries and interested parties will go a long way to administering the Trust and discharging the duties as a Trustee in an expedient, efficient and timely manner and also help avoid delays or conflicts. Listed below are some of the duties and responsibilities of a Trustee to consider:

  • Review and understand estate planning documents
  • Immediately address funeral, burial and related expenses
  • Confer with necessary legal, financial or tax advisors
  • Address division or securing of personal effects
  • Provide statutory notices to beneficiaries
  • Comply with statutorily required claims publication
  • Identify, accumulate and secure all Trust assets
  • Timely address any individual or Trust liabilities
  • Comply with all tax filing requirements.