Probate administration not only involves the affairs of a decedent but also addresses adult guardianship and conservatorship issues for those adults who are incapacitated as well as dealing with minor guardianships and conservatorships.

The Probate Court supervises the individual who is responsible (fiduciary) who is either acting as Personal Representative of a deceased or the guardian and conservator of the incapacitated adult or minor child. There are various fiduciary responsibilities that the Court requires be addressed the failure of which can result in the removal of an individual and the appointment by the Court of a public administrator to continue handling the matter. Timely addressing the duties and responsibilities as a fiduciary will limit anxiety let alone time and expense in addressing these duties which include the following:

  • The timely and correct filing of initial petitions to commence proceedings
  • Proper service of the interested parties at the time of commencing Probate proceedings
  • Timely attendance at initial and subsequent Probate Court hearings
  • Filing proper documents upon the appointment of a fiduciary, including surety or personal bond, Inventories, Acceptance of Trust, etc.
  • Complying with annual filing and notice requirements
  • Complying with all applicable tax requirements