Steve Malach Resolves Hotly Contested Multi-Million Dollar Trust Management Case in Michigan Probate Matter

Steve Malach successfully resolved a hotly contested multi-million-dollar trust management case in a Michigan probate court. The trust included titles to various mobile home parks and related investments located in various states.

The lawsuit was based on allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing and conflict of interest against the acting trustee. The case also involved the attempt to invoke the “in Terrorem” clause of the trust (this is a clause used to disinherit anyone that challenges the legality of a will or trust.)

In the end, this case was satisfactorily resolved with the client receiving a significant confidential settlement.

An attorney for more than 40 years and licensed to practice in Michigan and Arizona, Mr. Malach heads Lipson Neilson’s estate planning practice group and is the founder of the Center for Estate Planning (CEP).

With offices in Michigan and Arizona, the CEP specializes in all aspects of estate planning, from estate administration to lifetime counsel and probate administration work. CEP attorneys work with individuals, closely held businesses and charitable organizations.

Mr. Malach’s practice specializes in elder law, estate planning, probate, wills, trusts and trust administration. He also practices in the areas of wrongful death, family law, divorce and is general counsel to several local businesses.

Contact: Steve Malach
Michigan: 248-593-5000  |  Arizona: 602-626-8888

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