Lipson Neilson shareholder Sandra D. Glazier featured speaker at Wilmington Trust’s 2016 Trust Symposium

May 16, 2016 – Lipson Neilson Shareholder Sandra Glazier, co-author of “What Every Estate Planner Should Know About Undue Influence: Recognizing It, Insulating Against It…and Litigating It”, along with co-authoring attorneys Thomas Dixon and Thomas Sweeney, will be featured speakers on the topics discussed in this paper during Wilmington Trust’s 2016 Trust Symposium. This symposium will be held on June 23, 2016 at Christie’s in New York City.

Glazier, Dixon and Sweeney will speak about identifying and addressing issues relating to vulnerabilities which could subject an individual to undue influence. Because undue influence is generally a process, as opposed to a single event, its growing prevalence as a basis for litigation which attacks the validity of estate planning documents, makes it of considerable importance to professionals involved in the estate planning process and attorneys who litigate such issues.

An attorney for more than 30 years, Sandra Glazier is well-known for her expertise and successful track record in Probate Litigation, Estate Planning and Administration, and Family Law. Sandra is the current Chair of the Oakland County Bar Association’s Probate, Estate & Trust Committee. To learn more about Sandra, and the Lipson Neilson law firm, please visit

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