Hon. Lisa M. Neilson (Retired) Partners with Lipson Neilson PC to Serve the Family Law Community in Three Important Roles

Lipson Neilson PC, a national law firm with offices in Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona is pleased to announce that the Hon. Lisa M. Neilson (Retired) is Of Counsel to our growing team.

Judge Neilson joins the firm after a distinguished career of service in the Wayne County Probate Court assigned to the Family Division of the Third Judicial Circuit Court, the largest trial court in Michigan. She first served in the juvenile division and then transferred to the domestic division where most of her time was spent on the bench.

Lipson Neilson PC is ready to utilize Judge Neilson’s unique qualifications in family law gained from serving as both an attorney and judge. We look forward to her expertise with the consultation and resolution of challenging family law matters, particularly those involving the care and well-being of children.

As a certified mediator and arbitrator for family law proceedings, Judge Neilson will also assume the role of Director of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the Family Law Department at Lipson Neilson PC. ADR is a pathway for litigants to resolve their contested matters and empowers them to create unique solutions for their circumstances. This is especially important if the court system is not able to offer support when the contested matter proceeds to trial.

In addition to ADR, Judge Neilson offers holistic and multi-specialty professional services as the Managing Partner of Neilson Family Law Consulting LLC. The consulting services facilitate parenting time coordination, family custody disputes, and many other family law needs with empathy and care.

To bolster all her roles, she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work at the University of Michigan. The professional and personable skills gained from this challenging program, coupled with extensive legal and judicial knowledge, give Judge Neilson a unique place in Family Law ADR to serve clients, associates, and partners.

We congratulate Judge Neilson on these next exciting steps in her career. To learn more about Lipson Neilson PC and the extensive services we provide, please call (248) 593-5000, or visit www.lipsonneilson.com.

Hon. Lisa M. Neilson (Retired)
Alternate Dispute Resolution for Family Law
Neilson Family Law Consulting, Managing Partner
Of Counsel, Lipson Neilson PC

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