End-of-Life care options should be discussed

There are a variety of sources for families who want to learn more about the end-of-life decisions that they will want to make before the need arises. Regardless of where you get your information it is a topic that should be discussed and built into your estate plan.

Preplanning for funeral, cemetery and memorial options is critical, but it can be a difficult decision for many to make. Other individuals, couples and families delay even having the conversation because it is an uncomfortable topic. Yet these are discussions that should occur and be reflected in an estate plan or trust as individuals approach their retirement years.

One of the newer websites that can serve as a resource for families is (www.prepareforyourcare.org) The website gives visitors information on how they can talk about not just end-of-life issues, but medical care options during a critical care situation.

Frequently people who are suffering from a terminal illness may not be able to speak for themselves and medical preferences should be stated in a prior estate plan. The Prepare website allows individuals and couples to get a better understanding of what their choices are in advance.

Of course if you have any questions on other online or printed sources, contact the Center for Estate Planning at 248-593-5000.